My Contribution Story

In starting i didn’t have any idea about how Mozilla works and to be more specific “What is the manifesto of Mozilla”, How things works while volunteering with Mozilla etc. etc. sorts of questions which comes to any naive mind.

Then i came across an ambassador program which Mozilla offers to intake volunteers to encourage oneself and other to contribute to Mozilla at college level. I participated in that program and completed all the activities.

Now what? I became a Firefox Student Ambassador, But that hadn’t done any good for me except i can write it on my CV in a bold letter. But wait a minute, This wasn’t a scenario at all, There was a much benefit of becoming FSA than writing on a CV, The door which i wasn’t looking at or might i was ignoring it. The FSA program was a door which open a broader pathway to work with Mozilla on open source project.

In starting i wasn’t good at how to contribute towards open source through coding, so i started with SUMO, contributed for almost more than 2 months. Then i heard through social media that Mozilla also localizes all projects in every native language. I putted my hands in Urdu Localization, by going through Mozilla wiki i found mozilla l10n:ur page in which core localization project maintainer was a person from Madhya Pradesh(My native state).  As i said i was new to contribution i was unable to find a way, how to contribute in localization.

I just bluntly sent request over Facebook to Mr. Faisal Aziz(Urdu project maintainer from India), He accepted my request, He taught me all the aspects and things related to Localization.

l10n:ur contribution

I started working on localizing FireFox OS. And through rigorous contribution i became a top most contributor and Core Urdu Localizer. Here’s my contribution towards localization.

But something was missing here, I didn’t dive in for localization though i love to localize but my main aim was to contribute in open source in coding stuff. And this was the time when i didn’t even known how “Github” works. At that time “Jessica Osorio” asked contributors to help with the launch of the, Without knowing how things works, I opted in and agreed to contribute to the project. Initially many hurdles came, I learned how Github works, how stuffs like fork, merge, pull request works. Contributed to the project and got a good response from the project owner. Here is a snap how he appreciated me.Screenshot (327)

By the time of the launch i was top #6 contributor of the project. contri





Since from then, I am involved and contributing in various way for Mozilla like SUMO, Localization for Mozilla products as well as a reviewer for SUMO articles, Marketplace User Review Moderator, Code contributor, Bug reporting and solving etc. to help Mozilla in achieving one and sole mission i.e. “To promote openness, innovation & opportunity on the Web”.




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